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Nano, a low-latency cryptocurrency built on an innovative block-lattice data structure offering unlimited scalability and no transaction fees. Nano by design is a simple protocol with the sole purpose of being a high-performance cryptocurrency. The Nano protocol can run on low-power hardware, allowing it to be a practical, decentralized cryptocurrency for everyday use. The original Nano (RailBlocks) paper and first beta implementation were published in December, 2014, making it one of the first <a href="">Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)</a> based cryptocurrencies [6]. Soon after, other <a href="">DAG</a> cryptocurrencies began to develop, most notably DagCoin/<a href="">Byteball</a> and <a href="">IOTA</a>. These <a href="">DAG</a>-based cryptocurrencies broke the blockchain mold, improving system performance and security. <a href="">Byteball</a> achieves consensus by relying on a “main-chain” comprised of honest, reputable and user-trusted “witnesses”, while <a href="">IOTA</a> achieves consensus via the cumulative PoW of stacked transactions. Nano achieves consensus via a balance-weighted vote on conflicting transactions. This consensus system provides quicker, more deterministic transactions while still maintaining a strong, decentralized system. Nano continues this development and has positioned itself as one of the highest performing cryptocurrencies. Nano is a trustless, feeless, low-latency cryptocurrency that utilizes a novel blocklattice structure and <a href="">delegated Proof of Stake</a> voting. The network requires minimal resources, no high-power mining hardware, and can process high transaction throughput. All of this is achieved by having individual blockchains for each account, eliminating access issues and inefficiencies of a global data-structure. We identified possible attack vectors on the system and presented arguments on how Nano is resistant to these forms of attacks. Check out <a href="">CoinBureau</a> for the complete review of Nano.



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