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Space Token stands out as a cutting-edge cross-chain token, skillfully designed to maximize profits through DeFi yield generation and diverse crypto earning systems. It serves as the utility token for Final Autoclaim, a pioneering crypto-earning website where users can accumulate over 70 different cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2019, Final Autoclaim ( has quickly risen to prominence, now boasting over 1 million users, making it a leader in the digital faucet space. SPACE token holders are entitled to a suite of reward bonuses for participating in major platform features such as Autoclaim, Staking, Roll Games, and Offerwalls. These incentives are part of the innovative Space Bonuses program, designed to reward active and loyal community members.

The staking of SPACE plays a significant role in the ecosystem, offering users not just a way to earn additional rewards but also a stake in the platform's growth and governance. With the introduction of Space DAO, set for launch in Q1 2024, SPACE holders will gain even more influence, being able to vote on key decisions and help shape the future of Final Autoclaim.

In addition to existing benefits, SPACE holders can look forward to an expanding array of bonuses, discounts, and exclusive advantages on Final Autoclaim. This ongoing development and enrichment of the Space Token ecosystem aim to continually enhance user engagement and participation, marking significant milestones in our journey towards a more inclusive and rewarding crypto experience.



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