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1.9.8 - 29th November 2021

- Coinbase Community Vote Listing Round 1: Uniswap (UNI) added! Instant withdrawals to coinbase (without fee) or to your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet (minus fee).

- SHIBA INU (SHIB) added! Instant withdrawals to your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet or to

- Ethereum (ETH) blockchain Withdrawals are now sent via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) instead of Ethereum Network, withdrawal fee drastically reduced!

- Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly, no more pending withdrawal, from now all coins on the website are sent instantly, regardless of the method used!

- Neo (NEO) blockchain Withdrawals removed, reason: Low demand and the minimum required to withdraw via NEO Network is too high (1 NEO)

- Space Token (SPACE) listed on Quickswap ! Quickswap is the best AMM on Polygon Network, it's actually the best way to buy and sell SPACE on the Polygon network.

- Space Token (SPACE) Bonuses and On-chain Staking now includes your SPACE held on Polygon Network in addition of SPACE held on Binance Smart Chain! One condition: All SPACE must be held on the same address (the address that you linked on Final Autoclaim to enjoy Staking and Bonuses).

- Space Token (SPACE) Instant Withdrawals via Polygon Network added, low mimimum required to withdraw and without fee!

- New SPACE external faucet available! Earn Space Token on FreeBitz then withdraw directly on your Final Autoclaim account by using your username. More faucets will be available soon.. Check the list here

- Roll Games Loyalty Bonus maximum value increased (from 60% to 100%)

- New Off-Chain Staking Pool added : Stake SPACE and Earn SPACE (Actual APY: up to 48%, this pool works like all other pools except the SPACE on-chain pool, start staking SPACE from your internal balance here).

- Coingecko Job, Reddit Job and Coinscope Daily Job added!

- DUTCHY deposit via Metamask fully fixed and improved, now you can deposit by using Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche C-Chain networks in addition of BSC!

- DUTCHY deposit via Binance Coin (BNB) is now possible via CryptoUnifier!

- SPACE on-chain balances auto-update system improved, for API calls limit reason, wallets who contains less than 100 SPACE are automatically removed.

- XP rewards on Staking Pools now depends of the APY in addition of your membership. ( XP reward Summary Table )

- PTC Wall & Surfads advertising page improved: From now, PTC tokens can be bought with all coins instead of only DUTCHY, with a +10% bonus if you buy PTC tokens with SPACE.

- Notik Offerwall added !

- Asiamag wall and Daily Achievement fully removed (Reason: Exit-Scam)

- Network Used to withdraw by using blockchain now displayed on balance page.

- Blockchain Withdrawals Issues fixed for Nem (XEM), Pivx (PIVX) and Nimiq (NIM).

- From now, you can edit your Microwallet data by yourself on withdrawal addresses page (limited to 3 changes per microwallets), plus a addresses search tool was added.

- A tool to remove your account by yourself was added on Account Page, warning: by removing your account, absolutely all data will be removed and we will not be able to restore anything.

- Invisible Captcha added to balance, exchange, PTC wall and Surfads page, it was really required to block all bots and unfair traffic.

- A Notification is now sent when key levels are reached (example: level 100) and when your Membership is expired.

- Chatbro code security improved.

- Mininum Withdrawal Values added to the FAQ.

- Several Grammar Mistakes solved (Thanks to Skrypt!).

- Database structure improved, several Back-end errors and false positives fixed.

Big thanks and respect to the whole team, who contribute to the improvement of the website every day.

1.9.7 - 19th September 2021

- Community Vote Listing Round 3 - 3th Listing: Solana (SOL) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals without fee.

- Polygon (MATIC) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with very low fee.

- Tether (USDT) blockchain Withdrawals fee decreased from 1 USDT to 0.05 USDT, minimum required to withdraw decreased from 3 USDT to 0.5 USDT

- New SPACE external faucets available! Earn Space Token on FaucetOfBob and MCM Cryptos then withdraw directly on your Final Autoclaim account by using your username. More faucets will be available soon.. Check the list here

- New On-Chain Staking Pool added : Stake SPACE and Earn SPACE (Actual APY: up to 180%, you need to buy SPACE on Pancakeswap, link your SPACE wallet here, then activate staking here).

- DUTCHY Deposits via CryptoUnifier are back online!

- DUTCHY deposit via Polygon (MATIC) is now possible!

- APR of 'Stake DUTCHY and Earn DUTCHY' pools decreased by 5%, since we added Space Bonuses, the staking rate already can be boosted by holding SPACE, futhermore we judged that for a token with a stable price like DUTCHY, the staking rewards was a little high, more pools will be available soon.

- XP rewards on BTT, ADA and ATOM Staking Pool fixed.

- Daily Jobs updated and CoinmarketCap job added.

- Blockchain Withdrawals Issues fixed for Komodo (KMD) and Dash (DASH).

- Staking Claims XP rewards bonuses added for each membership subscriptions: Get from +50% to +150% of XP by claiming your staking reward.

- Staking rewards logs who had more than 10 days will be removed, to improve loading performance.

- Proxy Checker improved (to avoid some false positives).

- Bad banners with redirections fully removed.

Big thanks and respect to the whole team, who contribute to the improvement of the website every day.

1.9.6 - 27th July 2021

- Community Vote Listing Round 3 - 2nd Listing: Algorand (ALGO) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with low fee.

- Blockchain Battle pre-round listings: PancakeSwap (CAKE) and UME Token (UME) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with low fee.

- Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin-Cash (BCH) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Nem (XEM) blockchain Withdrawals now sent instantly with quite low fee!

- Binance Coin (BNB) blockchain Withdrawals fee decreased from 0.001 BNB to 0.00015 BNB

- Space Token (SPACE) listed on P2PB2B (Available pairs : SPACE/BTC, SPACE/BNB and SPACE/USDT)

- First SPACE external faucets available! Earn Space Token on CryptooNite,BestShop and BigCryptoFaucet then withdraw directly on your Final Autoclaim account by using your username. More faucets will be available soon.. Check the list here

- New Staking Pool added : Stake DUTCHY and Earn SPACE (APY: up to 40%).

- Autofaucet refreshing system bug fixed for Firefox users.

- Minimum level to withdraw Space Token (SPACE) decreased to 5.

- Daily Jobs updated and Twitter engagement job added.

- Metamask Coin Deposit and Twitter engagement job added.

- Tether (USDT) Blockhain Withdrawals TxID now displayed.

- Blockchain Withdrawals Issues fixed for Tether (USDT) and Space Token (SPACE).

- DUTCHY cost per refresh now displayed on the dashboard page.

- PTC credits added per membership subscription more fair: now the number of PTC credits given depends of the memberships and of the subscription days.

- Space Token (SPACE) chart updated.

- Staking rewards logs who had more than 1 month removed, to improve loading performance.

- Offerwall cheating detector improved, some false positives fixed.

- Possibility to disable the Newsletters receipt on the Settings page.

- Erased Session / Constant Log out issue fixed, proxy checker improved.

Welcome to our new bug hunter: lisaraisaa88, She already permits us to find many problems on the website with the help of our Moderators : click4o and Patje , big thanks and respect to the whole team, who contribute to the improvement of the website every day.

1.9.5 - 31th May 2021

- SPACE-BNB LP Bonuses added: Earn up to 100% bonus on your Roll Games and Shorlinks Rewards and up to 20% bonus on Offerwalls Rewards by holding SPACE-BNB LP Tokens on your Binance Smart Chain Wallet!

- SPACE Bonus added: Earn up to 20% bonus on your Staking Rewards by holding SPACE on your Binance Smart Chain Wallet!

- Binance Smart Chain address Linking improved: Now you can use Trust Wallet or Binance Chain Wallet instead of Metamask to link your BSC address and enjoy Space Tokens Bonuses!

- Space Token (SPACE) Bonuses Event live until 7th June: SPACE and SPACE-BNB LP bonus tripled !

- Space Token (SPACE) Instant Blockchain Withdrawals Added! (Binance Smart Chain - BEP20 Network)

- Community Vote Listing Round 3 - First Listing: Bitcoin Gold (BTG) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with low fee.

- DUTCHY Deposit via Metamask now available: From now, you can deposit DUTCHY with metamask by using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, more than 40 BSC coins available to deposit (Including SPACE, ETH, DOGE, BNB, BUSD, LTC, BCH, DOT, LINK, ZIL, CAKE, 1INCH or UNI. Be sure to use the BEP20 network!)

- Four Daily Jobs added: These jobs can be repeated each days!

- Payment bug fixed !

- RevenueWall Reward Mismatch fixed !

- Roll Game Rates / Rewards added on Rates page.

- Space Token (SPACE) Information page updated: News links and charts added.

- Charts Fixed on DASH, FEY, BTT, BCN and ZEC Information pages.

- Default Login and Register Pages Captcha changed from Hcaptcha to Recaptcha.

- Code optimized for better server performance

- Banners From bad ad networks fully removed

- Adblock False Positives problem fixed.

1.9.4 - 5th May 2021

- Space Token (SPACE) Integration: Space Token is the official Final Autoclaim's Utility Token! SPACE will gives many bonuses and discounts to users in the future, click to learn about the token

- The First Space Token (SPACE) Bonus is live: Earn up to 100% bonus on your Autoclaim Rewards by holding SPACE on your Binance Smart Chain Wallet!

- Cardano (ADA) Coinbase Withdrawals Added!

- Tether (USDT) Blockhain Withdrawals Added! (TRC20 Network)

- Feyorra (FEY) manual Withdrawals, Autoclaim and Deposit Added!

- Binance Coin (BNB) blockchain withdrawals system changed: Now you can withdraw your BNB on the Binance Smart Chain Network (You need to link a BEP20 Address, all BEP2 addresses was removed).

- Steem (STEEM) Blockchain Withdrawals Fixed!

- Coinpayments Deposit update: From now, DUTCHY Deposit via Binance Smart Chain Network are available with BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, LTC, BCH, DOT, LINK and BTAP. (be sure to select BEP20 transfer before sending funds!)

- DUTCHY Coinpayments Deposit via TFD, GNT, ZRX and BAT removed (Coinpayments Delisting)

- Exchange All-in-One Feature added: from now you can exchange all your coins in one time !

- XP reward doubled and XP potions now used on Roll Games

- Level Bonus divided per two.

- Monlix Offers Wall added !

- AsiaMag Tasks Daily Limit Indicator added on Offers page.

- Iota (MIOTA) blockchain withdrawals transaction ID now displayed.

- "CANCEL" button added to remove Faucetpay pending / failed deposits.

- Asia Mag daily achievement update, now it requires 10 tasks done instead of 15.

- Code optimized for better server performance

- "Account" Category Added to FAQ

1.9.3 - 8th April 2021

- Ravencoin (RVN), Bittorrent (BTT) and Tether (USDT) manual Withdrawals & Autoclaim Added!

- Binance Coin (BNB) and Zcash (ZEC) manual Withdrawals, Autoclaim and Deposit Added!

- Iota (MIOTA) blockchain withdrawals now sent instantly with low fee.

- Exchange Daily Limit added : Subscribe to a Membership and enjoy up to $200 exchange limit per day.

- Videos added : a new way to earn DUTCHY by watching videos !

- Lootably Offers Wall added !

- Kiwiwall Offers Wall added !

- DUTCHY selection bug fixed on Multicoins Roll Game (Only Available for Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships)

- Adwork Media Wall removed (Reason : No Response from the team after delayed payments).

- 2FA reset tool added.

- Offerwalls anti-cheat system improved (again).

- Many minor bug fixes and security improvements

1.9.2 - 10th March 2021

- Community Vote listing n°3: Verge (XVG) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with low fee.

- Vertcoin (VTC) and Peercoin (PPC) Blockchain Withdrawal added (with low fee).

- Potcoin (POT) Delisted (Reason : Low Demand).

- Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships added: enjoy additional benefits, unlock an exclusive faucet and improve your user experience!.

- Multicoins Roll Game added (Only Available to Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships)

- Referral Rewards can be increased from 20% to 40% (Depending of your Membership)

- Exchange Fee can be decreased from 5% to 0% (Depending of your Membership)

- Daily Withdrawal Limit can be increased from $20 to $40 (Depending of your Membership)

- SaySoRewards Surveys Wall removed (Reason : No Response from the team after delayed payments).

- DUTCHY Deposit with FIRO added.

- Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Withdrawal Fee divided per 2.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.9.1 - 9th Febuary 2021

- Faucetpay Mode Added: Now you can start autoclaiming with Faucetpay Mode. By selecting this mode, all coins available on will be directly sent to your wallet.

- Potcoin (POT) Delisting scheduled: Please withdraw your POT balance before the 1rst March 2021 (Reason : Low Demand).

- Flexible Interests improved: Now each staking claims will gives you XP in addition of claimed coin (XP amount earned depends of the staking claims amount).

- DUTCHY Deposit promotion added: Get a percentage bonus if you deposit DUTCHY with a promoted coin (select a deposit processor to see promotions).

- AdscendMedia Offers and Hideout TV video service added: two new nice ways to earn by doing offers or watching videos.

- HangMyAds Offers wall added.

- Offerwalls anti-cheat system updated.

- GDPR Data Protection and CCPA Privacy Rights added / edited on our Privacy Policy.

- Addresses and Wallets Linking Page improved: Now you are able to remove a coin tag / memo by yourself.

- Recaptcha and SolveMedia fixed on signup and login page.

- Proxy / VPN checker changed, we bought a plan from a third party to avoid false positives.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.9 - 31th December 2020

- Flexible Interests added! Stake your DUTCHY for at least 12 hours and then earn each 2 hours (APY from 5 to 30% !).

- One more Long term Achievement Level added, 16000 tasks must be done to claim these achievement bonuses

- FaucetPay Deposit improved, now a "pending" status will appears when the deposit is created, and "Expired" if the deposit isn't paid after 1 hour.

- Invoices link added on Deposit history, only when the deposit isn't expired (not available for faucetpay deposits).

- Deposit Timeframe limit added to avoid queries abuses, from now you can create a deposit for a coin only one time per 30 minutes.

- Social Bot added on the chat, this bot will prevent you (only 1 time) when a new gift code was shared on one of your social medias, futhermore he will share you social links randomly.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.9 - 09th December 2020

- BitTorrent (BTT) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals without fee.

- Community Vote listing n°2: Steem (STEEM) added! Instant blockchain withdrawals with low fee.

- Server Migration successfully done! Now the website must load very faster than before. :)

- Optimization of the code, who permits to reduce the server ressources / improve performances

- CryptoUnifier added to deposit DUTCHY, all coins who are available on the platform can be used to deposit. This service is better because fees are lower than CoinPayments and the support replies faster in case of issue.

- Some coins removed from CoinPayments deposit, only coins who are not available on cryptounifier are kept.

- Timeframe limit added on Exchange to avoid Exchange abuses, from now you can exchange each pairs (ex : DUTCHY/BTC) only one time per 5 minutes.

- 1 decimal added to BTC, ETH and BCH Exchange amount with a value below than 1000 sat.

- Notifications added for each Coins received from gift codes and CryptoUnifer deposit.

- "Reset password" system improved, more secure again and no more possible errors.

- Ethereum (ETH) week-end reward fixed.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.8 - 26th November 2020

- Tether (USDT) added! Actually withdrawals are available on only , without any fee.

- "Balance Health" table added on Balance Page : By Clicking on the icon, you will see all balances status for available each coins and withdrawal methods, a nice way to see if the balance is filled for a specific coin / method.

- Available Withdrawal Methods now displayed for each coin cards on Balance Page.

- Autocomplete tool added on Balance Page Search Tab (Look for the search icon). And from now you can search a specific withdrawal method, eg. "Coinbase" to display only Coins available for Coinbase Withdrawal.

- Dash (DASH) Blockchain withdrawal fee decreased from 300000 to 50000 sat, and Blockchain Minimum Withdrawal decreased from 0.03 to 0.003 DASH !

- Multiplier and Payment modes descriptions added on the dashboard.

- Banner Advertising Panel Improved: 300x600 ad format added (displayed on the DUTCHY and Coin roll game page), estimated CPC and Clicks per Week added, depending of our previous stats from the last week. Number of Banners on each pool now displayed to be fully transparent.

- Tether added to Deposit DUTCHY instantly via

- Stratis Symbol update from STRAT to STRAX, Expresscrypto maintenance ended, Stratis blockchain withdrawals stills on maintenance until futher notice.

- Bonuses for Levels from 300 to 400 addedLevel Bonus page.

- Nimiq (NIM) blockchain Withdrawals bug for amount higher than 1000 NIM fixed.

- Notifications added for each Coins received from tips from us, or from GUI / CPU mining.

- Bitslab Bug fixed and Screenout will be paid from now.

- Adgate Wall Iframe fixed.

- "Resend verification mail" issue fixed (during the account creation).

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.7 - 12nd November 2020

- Nimiq (NIM) blockchain Withdrawals now sent instantly with low fee!

- New Offerwalls Page: Design fully reviewed, logo for each walls, categories and in-page iframe loading added!

- Bitslab Surveys Wall added!

- TheoremReach Surveys Wall come-back!

- SaySoRewards Surveys Wall added!

- RevenueHut Surveys Wall added!

- CPX Research API wall added on Dashboard and offers page, this wall will only display surveys that are available in your location, a faster way to find nice surveys!

- DUTCHY Instant Deposit via added : Deposit with all available coins with a low minimum DUTCHY amount (500 DUTCHY), payment is instant so you will receive your DUTCHY just after your payment.

- Tron (TRX) Added to Coins available for Deposit DUTCHY via

- Previously viewed ads are now displayed at the bottom of the PTC wall.

- Shortlinks Wall tasks counts fixed. No more bugs on contest.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.6 - 2nd November 2020

- GUI Miner added: Now you can mine DUTCHY with your GPU by downloading the GUI miner. You will receive DUTCHY each hour if you reach the required hashes number.

- Komodo (KMD) manual Withdrawal & Autoclaim Added!

- Banner Advertising Panel Improved: 2 ad formats added: 300x250 and 160x600, daily clicks and campaigns edition added, futhermore now banners are displayed on DutchyShort Shorteners too.

- Campaigns Edition added on PTC Wall & Surfads advertising page

- Bitorrent (BTT) Removed from Coins available to Deposit DUTCHY (Due to Coinpayments Bug)

- Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Added to Coins available to Deposit DUTCHY via

- Login and Signup Pages a little changed / optimized for mobile, login default captcha changed to Hcaptcha

- Reset Password page fixed

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.5 - 16th October 2020

- Balance Page improved: Now it's interactive (no more page reloading after each exchanges), Payment methods selection is simpler, Design was changed (optimized for tablets and mobiles) and a Coin search button was added to withdraw a specific coin faster.

- Reward Mulitplier added: On the Dashboard your can select a multiplier from 2 to 5, this will multiply the base reward for each selected coins during the autoclaiming process. Note that the DUTCHY cost per coin will be multiplied too, depending of your selected multiplier.

- Vertcoin (VTC) added : Manual Withdrawal actually only available on, we will add blockchain / wallet withdrawal soon

- CPX Research Surveys added! This Service pays Revoked Tasks

- Shortlinks Wall tasks are now counted by username and not by IP (now it's impossible to do more than the total shortlinks available by changing IP address)

- Eos (EOS) Blockchain instant Withdrawal Fee changed to 0.

- Addresses Page improved

- Some Recommanded Faucets Added to Coin Informations Pages

- Coins Exchange Minor Bugs fixed

- Many minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.4 - 01rst October 2020

- Loyalty Bonus Added on Roll Games : Each consecutive day you roll, your Roll Games rewards will increase of 0.5% !

- Coins Exchange Improved : Now it's interactive (no more page reloading after each exchanges)

- Referral System Updated: In addition of current referral program, now you will receive 5% commission from your referrals "Express Mode" claims, this commission is sent directly on, a nice way to Level-Up on the micro-wallet!

- Cardano (ADA) and Eos (EOS) Blockchain instant Withdrawal blank page bug Fixed.

- Nem (XEM) address linking bug Fixed.

- PTC wall & surfads window focus fixed.

- URL / Iframe testing tool added on PTC Wall & Surfads advertising page

- KSWallet micropayment system fulled removed, scam. Sorry for users who had funds on the platform..

1.8.3 - 21th September 2020

- Chainlink (LINK) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Pivx (PIVX) manual Withdrawal & Autoclaim Added!

- Referrals Contest system updated : from now, the 20 Users who have the biggest Referrals Activity during the current month will earn DUTCHY. (changed from yearly to monthly)

- Bitcoin SV (BSV) Added to Deposit DUTCHY via

- Deviant Coin (DEV) Removed from Coins available to Deposit DUTCHY (Due to fake coingecko price)

- PTC wall & surfads updated: now window focus is needed to pass the view.

- Levels Bonus system bug fixed.

- Pollfish Offerwall bug fixed.

1.8.2 - 9th September 2020

- Community Vote listing n°1: Cosmos (ATOM) Added! (Instant Blockchain Withdrawal with low fee)

- Pivx (PIVX) Added! (Instant Blockchain Withdrawal with minus fee)

- Shortlinks Wall improved: now you can do several shortlink tasks in the same time!

- Banner Advertising Panel Improved: Banners clicks are now counted.

- Pivx (PIVX) Added for Deposit DUTCHY!

- AdWork Media Offerwall reward tripled!

- Rewards Increased from 10 to 30% for most of Offerwalls!

- Adgem & Adgate OfferWalls miner bugs fixed!

- Hide/Show addresses entered tool fixed

1.8.1 - 01rst September 2020

- Vechain (VET) Removed due to High Withdraw Fees, exchange your VET for another coin here

- Cardano (ADA) blockchain Withdrawals now sent instantly with low fee!

- Tezos (XTZ) blockchain Instant Withdrawals fixed.

- Skippyads OfferWall added!

- TimeBucks OfferWall added!

- Admantium OfferWall added!

- Blockchain Transactions ID (TxID) displaying bug fixed.

- DutchyShort Smartlink bug fixed.

1.8.0 - 07th August 2020

- Ripple (XRP) blockchain Withdrawals now sent instantly with low fee!

- Withdraw Transactions History table improved: Now we changed the number of transactions displayed from 50 to 80 and you can sort transactions per wallets, amounts or coins...

- Balance Withdraw: Blockchain & Micro-wallets Transactions ID (TxID) now displayed for most of Coins

- Wallet Addresses Page improved: Now you can Show or Hide addresses already entered.

- TheoremReach (temporary?) removed, due to some App issues.

1.7.9 - 27th June 2020

- Bitcoin-Cash (BCH) blockchain Withdrawals now sent instantly!

- Level Required to Offerwalls Access increased to 10, to avoid/block some cheaters..

- Advertising Page added.

- Text Ads Added below the navbar, nice projects will be shared here.

- Shortlinks Wall Anti-bot bug fixed.

- Notifications deleted on claim page, to improve server speed.

1.7.8 - 17th June 2020

- Tezos (XTZ) manual Withdrawal & Autoclaim Added!

- Steem (STEEM) deposit methods deleted (Due to CoinPayment delisting on June 5)

- 5 Seconds Options added for PTC Wall & Surfads advertising

- Shortlinks Wall Links system changed, from now One link is generated after each click.

- White screen bug Fixed for some Blockchain Withdrawals.

- Minimum Blockchain Withdrawal increased for Cardano (ADA), due to some Blockchain issues and updates

- Level Required to Offerwalls Access increased to 5, to avoid/block some cheaters..

- AdclickWall Deleted (Banned without given reason).

1.7.7 - 03th June 2020

- TheoremReach Come back: After contacting support, the team finally fixed the issue.

- Reddcoin (RDD) & Cardano (ADA) manual Withdrawal & Autoclaim Added!

- Potcoin (POT),Beancash (BITB), Blackcoin (BLK), Ubiq (UBQ), Groestlcoin (GRS) and Decred (DCR) deposit methods deleted (Due to CoinPayments delisting scheduled on June 5), Coins delisted to deposit will be again available to claim and withdraw, it only concerns deposit.

- Shortlinks Wall and Dashboard design Updated

- Changelly Widget added: It permit to simply exchange (Swap) your coins fastly and for low fees.

- Daily Withdrawal Limit increased to 20$ for BCN, ETN, STRAT, SMART, RVN & QTUM

- PTC Wall bug fixed.

1.7.6 - 17th May 2020

- PTC Wall (ViewAds) Added: Another simple way to earn DUTCHY!

- PTC Advertising Panel Improved & views cost per 1000 decreased

- Boost added on Roll Games: Increase Roll reward by 50% by watching a Video.

- Interactive Timer added on Roll Games, with a "ding" sound when your roll are ready.

- Referral Reward added on Roll Games: New Referrers will earn 15% of Referrals Roll Rewards.

- "Ready!" span now appears in the navbar when your roll are ready.

- Estimated Total Bitcoin and USD Value of your wallet added on Balance page.

- New PTC third party Walls added: Clixwall & AdClickWall.

- Wannads Boost Fixed, thanks to raceman94!

- Roll Games Design improved.

- Database optimized to make the site more speed.

1.7.5 - 1rst May 2020

- CPU miner tool Added: You can earn DUTCHY passively by mining.

- Banner Advertising Price Divided per 2.

- Dice Hashes Verify page fixed.

- Social Jobs Rewards Updated.

- Tracking Referrals Parameters added: Permits to Referrers who uses differents sources to see what source the Referrals comes from.

- Autoclaiming Coin(s) Selection is now recorded until your are log in.

- Toss Game Captcha Fixed.

- Coin Roll Game Poll result & Current Poll links added on Coin Roll.

- Grammar mistake Fixed on some page, thanks to IronBlackSmith!

- FaucetPay Withdarwal Errors messages improved.

1.7.4 - 1rst May 2020

- New Social Jobs Added: You can now post your feedback and your payment proof on Reviews Website to earn DUTCHY!

- CPU miner tool Added: You can earn DUTCHY passively by mining.

- Banner Advertising Added: allows everyone to spread a banner on our site for cheap (from ~$0.04 to $0.1 per day)

- DUTCHY value for 1 satoshi will change each 30 minutes from now, you can see some additional informations by clicking on the value in the navbar.

- Tracking Referrals Parameters added: Permits to Referrers who uses differents sources to see what source the Referrals comes from.

- Autoclaiming Coin(s) Selection is now recorded until your are log in.

- Toss Game Captcha Fixed.

- Coin Roll Game Poll result & Current Poll links added on Coin Roll.

- Grammar mistake Fixed on some page, thanks to IronBlackSmith!

- Minor Bugs Fixed & Front-End changed on some pages.

1.7.3 - 13th April 2020

- VeChain (VET) Added! (Instant Blockchain Withdrawal with minus fee)

- RainBot Rewards & Active Users Doubled!

- Chainlink (LINK) Autoclaim Fixed.

- Blackcoin (BLK) double payment with "Balance Mode" fixed.

- Gift Code form Added on Mobile Navbar

- Balance Health Ajusted

- IP addresses Control improved

- Wannads decrement Bug Fixed.

- AsiaMag & JungleWall XP potions issues Fixed.

- JSE & bad pop deleted from Private Shorteners.

1.7.2 - 07th April 2020

- Nano (NANO) Instant blockchain Withdrawal Added!

- Offerwalls boost Added: Each Day One Offerwall randomly chosen will have his DUTCHY tasks reward increased by 20%!

- Facebook Social Job Added!

- Informations Pages added for each coins availables, you can access to these page by clicking On Coin Names on balance page or on Coin Logos on Dashboard.

- Staking, Masternode or Interest Coins Informations added on balance page

- Notifications Added on Mobile Navbar

- Adgem Fixed

- IP addresses Control improved

- Navbar Displaying Bugs fixed

- Adgate Reward doubled.

1.7.1 - 23th March 2020

- Ethereum Classic (ETC) manual Withdrawal & Autoclaims Added!

- Digibyte (DGB) manual Withdrawal Added!

- Offers4All Wall & PTC added, a nice way to earn little amount of DUTCHYs fastly

- AyetStudios OfferWall added

- Rains Notifications Bug fixed

- Rain Bot bug fixed

- Expresscrypto Mode 10% bonus deleted & balance Mode bonus decreased to 10% ; We added the expresscrypto bonus to promote the microwallet when Faucethub was again online & Expresscrypto was so new futhermore since then we added many other way to boost your reward.

- Offerdaddy enabled.

1.7 - 8th March 2020

- New Responsive Navbar: It wall make the site more simple to navigate & avoid too much buttons!

- Rains Bot added : Now you will be able to send & receive rains. Use /rain COIN amount on the chat to rain, it will randomly reward 20 active users. Need to be active on the site during last hour to beeing eligible to receive rains!

- Notifications Added: Actually it will permits you seeing if you received rains, & giving you rain errors (example: Invalid Amount or Balance too low)

- Tezos (XTZ) Coinbase & instant Blockchain Withdrawals added!

- ZEN Withdrawals Bug Fixed.

- Rates Page Added: Now you can see the original claim rates & compare with your actual bonuses.

- Power Week End Boost works now with BTC by using "Balance Mode".

- Select Form "Double-click" bug fixed

- TheoremReach paused, we actually wait a response from the team.

- Offerdaddy (temporary?) deleted, we wait payment from them.

1.6.6 - 26th Febuary 2020

- Social Jobs added: A new Way to earn DUTCHY tokens by promoting the website

- Komodo (KMD) instant Withdrawal Added!

- TRX instant withdrawal fee decreased from 0.2 to 0.003 TRX! Lower minimum withdrawal too.

- JSE miner deleted!

- AsiaMag now activated: with Asia Shortlinks explained

- Jungle Wall now activated

1.6.5 - 18th Febuary 2020

- Now you can choose the amount that you want withdraw! By Default, if you don't change the value, the maximum amount will be sent.

- Zcoin (XZC), Verge (XVG) & 3 Stable Coins (DAI, TUSD & USDC) Added for Deposit DUTCHY!

- Wannads Surveys Wall Added!

- Bitswall PTC Wall Added!

- AntiBot system bugs fixed

- Server more stable

1.6.4 - 9th Febuary 2020

- Ripple (XRP) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Offerwalls now appears more efficiently, loading system changed;

- AdGem Offerwall Added!

- AntiBot system improved on Shortlinks Wall & roll games

- Referrals Statistics page improved: Now you can sort by any referral data or research a specific referral.

- Manual Withdrawal fixed for BTC amount > 10000 sat

- You can now link your Potcoin (POT) blockchain address

- End of BAT Withdrawal Maintenance.

- PTC "Advertise" Page improved

1.6.3 - 3th Febuary 2020

- Litecoin (LTC) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- New Contests:

  • Weekly Shortlinks Contest : 10 First users who did the most Shorteners Tasks During the week will earn DUTCHY rewards!

  • Referrals Contest : 20 Users who have the biggest Referrals Activity will earn DUTCHY, Upto 2000000 DUTCHY price for the 1rst ranked! This Contest ends during Final Autoclaim 1rst birthday.

- Contest Page Improved.

- Asiamag Daily Achievement Added : Earn XP potions by doing AsiaMag tasks!

- Jungle Daily Achievements Updated : Maximum tasks per Day is now fixed to 5 by jungle Team, so we ajusted the number required to earn potions!

1.6.2 - 1rst Febuary 2020

- Eos (EOS) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Blackcoin (BLK) Finally not deleted & BLK Blockchain instant Withdrawal Added.

- Offerwalls rates / rewards increased:

  • MediumPath : +150%
  • Offerdaddy : +100%
  • PollFish : +100%
  • Wannads : +65%
  • TheoremReach : +25%
  • Adgate : +25%

- Chat Bug Fixed

- Coin of The Coin Roll Game Updated ! : This month you can Roll Nimiq (NIM)

1.6.1 - 26th January 2020

- Ethereum (ETH) & Stellar Lumen (XLM) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) Blockchain instant Withdrawal Added.

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) Coinbase Withdrawal will be instant now.

- Chat rebranding, Welcome to our new Moderator: patje

1.6 - 25th January 2020

- Chainlink (LINK) Token Added! (Instant Withdraw Without fee)

- Potcoin (POT) Instant Manual / Blockchain Withdrawal Added with low fee

- Shortlinks Walls Improved: Now you can Disable / Hide Shortlinks that you don't want see on the Wall, futhermore now shortlinks are displayed in terms of the score that users give him ( not just the number of positive votes, but the ratio +/- )

- Default Captcha Selection added: By default a random captcha will appears, now you can select your favorite captcha on Account Settings page.

- Levelling System fixed for offerwalls

- Bonuses Bugs Fixed for High Level Users & Bonuses Page Front-End improved. (Now Bonuses appears until level 400!)

- Server Changed to make the site more fluid again.

- Coin Selected are now displayed on the Claim page.

- No more pop-ups on the Claim page

- You can now link your BCH blockchain address

1.5 - 20th January 2020

- Security Update: Now it's required to confirm your Addresses/ Wallets changes by mail, a confirmation mail will be sent each time.

- TheoremReach Offerwall Added !

- More Coins Availables to Deposit DUTCHY Tokens via Now you can use UpTo 34 Crypto to fill your DUTCHY balance with coinpayments. (We added ERC20 Tokens like BAT, KCS, STEEM or OKC & Blockchain coins LTC, BCH, BEAM, ETC or LSK)

- Balance Withdrawal Added for DASH & BCH

- XLM withdrawal error fixed

- IP addresses Control improved to avoid cheating

- Linked ETN Addresses who starts by 'f4VR' & GRS Adresses who starts by 'grs1' deleted : They are not compatible with our withdrawal system. Users who requested withdrawals with these address format have to set new addresses.

- "Reset 2FA" Button added (with a confirmation mail)

- Minor Bugs fixed

Thanks again to some helpful users like Titrettinbeni, osboncop40 or patje for helping new users or reporting bugs, we added 10000 DUTCHY to their balances.

1.4.1 - 12th January 2020

- Shortlink Wall bug fixed

- Balance Withdrawal Added for DOGE,LTC & ETH

- XLM automatic withdrawal fixed

Thanks to dwanport for reporting bugs, 10000 DUTCHY added to his balance.

1.4 - 11th January 2020

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) added! (Coinbase Payment)

- Balance Withdrawal Added for BTC

- Instant Coinbase Payment Added for BTC

- XLM Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly

- Shortlinks wall bug fixed, new system added to avoid to generate too many links, now one link is created per 24h

- Offerwalls & Exchanges History Added : Now you can check your last 30 Exchanges or Offerwalls Tasks.

- Chat improved : New user Level, Username & Profile Picture displayed on chat.

- Some Front-End Changes

- XRP tag is now required to withdrawing on your blockchain address

1.3 - 04th January 2020

- Horizen (ZEN) added! (Instant Direct Payment)

- Blockchain Withdrawal Informations Added : Now you can see The Network Fee & Different Withdrawal Parameters like Processing Time

- Instant Blockchain Payment Added for ZEC & XMR

- ETH, TRX, LSK, ETC, BNB, XRP & NEO Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly

- Withdraw Button now responsive, change depends of Withdrawal Mode Chosen

- Minimum coins selection increased to 5 for new Users who have a Level between 1 and 5

- Surfads Advertising CPM decreased from 0.7$ to 0.55$

- Reward / Rates Increased (+15%)

- Some Front-End Changes

- Some Shortlinks Added

1.2.1 - 31th December 2019

- Balance Displaying improved : Now you can see Blockchain Balances Status & Coins datas are displayed correctly

- DOGE & RDD Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly via Bittrex

- Account Settings page added with Password Change & 2FA optionnal activation, can be useful to make your account more secure.

- DUTCHY DICE Game added (Beta version)

- Flexible Minimum Deposit added : It Depends of the coins that you choose to deposit via ,DUTCHY mininum Deposit turn from 100000 DUTCHY to 7500 DUTCHY now with Dogecoin.

- Some Shortlinks Added

1.2 - 28th December 2019

- QTUM added (Withdraw to or Instant Direct Payment)

- DGB & DASH Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly via CoinPayments

- Deposit via coinpayments Added : Now you can deposit 17 coins availables on Final Autoclaim or deposit DUTCHY with the coin of your choice!

- Deposit History Added on Balance Page

- Coins & Mode Selection deleted from the Claim Page, to makes the site more fluid :)

- Coin Selection Unlocking Added : From Now you will unlock 1 coin per level (example: If you are level 7, you can select upto 7 coins, reach level 40 to claim 40 coins in the same time)

- Kswallet Boost Added

- Exchange page added

- Profile Picture Upload Improved : Now you can upload JPEG / JPG format

- Profile Picture displayed on Top 10 Users on Contests page

- Hcaptcha Disabled : So hard to pass, Captcha Bug on Roll Page fixed

- Adgate Offerwall Disabled : Server response doesn't work properly

- Pages Front-End a little changed

- Dashboard Page fixed for mobile

- Back-End Improvements

1.1 - 9th December 2019

- Binance Coin (BNB) & Electroneum (ETN) Added ! (ETN Blockchain Withdrawals are sent instantly via CoinPayments)

- FaucetHub Mode, FaucetHub Withdrawal & HORA, BTX & XPM Deleted

- Direct Blockchain Payment Added for BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH & DGB

- KsWallet mode added for BTC, EOS & ETC

- AdWorkMedia & MediumPath Offerwalls Added

- Superrewards Oferwalls Deleted (Closed)

- Coin Roll Game Added : Each month you will be able to roll a different Coin available on the site, this month it's Tron (TRX)!

- Jungle Reward system changed for a more flexible one

- Claiming Mode Selection changed for radio buttons

- Exchange Bug Fixed

- Reward Amount Display during claiming Fixed

- Offerwall Page Front-End Bug for mobile fixed

- Back-End Improvements

1.0.9 - 28th November 2019

- Ravencoin (RVN) Added ! (RVN Blockchain Withdrawals are sent instantly via CoinPayments)

- Bitcoin Direct Payment Added, Bitcoin FaucetHub Manual Withdrawal Deleted

- Profile Picture Added

- Smartlink Achievement Added

- More User Statistics Added (Smartlinks, Offerwalls, Surfads views Done)

- XRP & ADA address linking Fixed

- Banners Updated

- Anti-Bot Captcha Improved

1.0.8 - 18th November 2019

- Iota (MIOTA) & Tezos (XTZ) Added !

- NSFW Warning Added on Shortlinks Wall

- ExpressCrypto API Error Displaying reviewed

- Fix of DUTCHY Counter who decreased after refresh if BTC was selected

- Footer Rebranding

- Code Optimizations

- Banners Rotations on claiming page

1.0.7 - 9th November 2019

- Cardano (ADA) & Nimiq (NIM) Added !

- Discord Channel Created : Join here! There will have DOGE rains on the discord

- Facebook Social Achievement Added

- Minimum Withdraw decreased for exclusive Expresscrypto coins

- Server Bug fixed

- Anti-Bot Captcha Added in Dashboard

1.0.6 - 2nd November 2019

- Stellar-Lumen, Ubiq & Groestlcoin (XLM, UBQ & GRS) Added !

- Instant Withdraw via Coinpayments Added : It concerns Bytecoin(BCN), Stratis(STRAT), Groestlcoin (GRS) & Ubiq (UBQ)

- Rotate4all Rotator Added in ViewAds Section

- Reset Password Fixed

- Negative DUTCHY tokens value fixed: Now you will be redirected in "insufficient balance" page when counter reach exactly 0.

1.0.5 - 28th October 2019

- Express-Gold & Siver Coins (EXG & EXS) Added : That's 2 exclusive ExpressCrypto Stablecoins !

- Reddcoin (RDD) Added : ReddCoin is a Social Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency !

- New Wall Added :CPA Lead

- ViewAds PTC Added :That's a Beta version, it will be improved soon

- Chat Improvement: Now chat will be used for Supporting Users, Admin & Two Moderators will ask to your question & help if needed :).

- Wheel Of Fortune Deleted: Due to too many cheaters who abuse of that.

- Code Optimization

1.0.4 - 13th October 2019

- Asia Mag Added : That's a new Method to Earn DUTCHY tokens , by doing this task you will earn 170 DUTCHY !

- New Wall Added :AdGate Media

- Long-Term Achievements Added : Permits to reward users who uses the site for long time :)

- FAQ created

- Terms created

- Landing Pages (Login & SignUp Pages) Rebranding

- Withdraw Page Improved & Bug Fixed

- Website code optimization for a best page load speed.

1.0.3 - 6th October 2019

- Exchange Added : Now You can Buy or Sell Any Coins Availables ! You can directly Sell your DUTCHY tokens for BTC or Other Coins & use this site as a regular Faucet. Check on Balance Page

- Balance Status Added for & Platform. Check on Balance Page

- Twitter Achievement Added : Earn Potions By Following our Twitter. Check on Achievements Page

- Levelling System Bug Fixed

Thanks to Our Superb Bug Reporters & Idea Spreaders !!

1.0.2 - 30th September 2019

- Gift Codes system Added

- "Cheating Detected" Bug Fixed

- Offerwalls Bugs Fixed & New Wall Added : Kiwi Wall

- Roll Waiting Time changed from 2 Hours to 30 minutes !

- 500 Free Claims Added after Account Creation

- Login & SignUp Pages Little Rebranding - Captchas Selector Added

Thanks to Our Superb Bug Reporters & Idea Spreaders !!

1.0.1 - 26th September 2019

- New Items Added : XP & Shortlink Potions

- Smartlinks Bug Fixed & reward turned from 25 to 45 DUTCHY !

- Claiming Rates Increased by 50% !

- BCH Added via Mode

- Bugs fixed on Shortlinks Walls, Average DUTCHY per shortlinks done increased to ~ 100

- Ads optimized, Coinverti pop deleted

- Front-End Optimization for mobiles

1.0 - 21th September 2019

- Shortlinks Wall Added ! : Now you will be able to choose the shortlinks that you want use.

- Voting System in Shortlink Wall : You can now vote if you judge that a shortener is good or bad , the shortlink wall displays top rated first.

- DUTCHY Tokens Reward increased from 50 to 100 DUTCHY for each Shortlinks Tasks !

- XP increased from 50 to 100 XP for each Shortlinks Tasks !

- XP maximum Reward for each Jungle Surveys Done turns from 200 to 400 XP

- Roll Reward Doubled !

0.9 - 10th Septemberr 2019

- EOS & ETC Altcoins Added ! (Balance Only)

- WAVES Added ! (Available on

- Bonuses Added for "Expresscrypto Mode" : +10 % for each claims

0.8 - 29th August 2019

- Mode Added, A third mode Available ! : By Selecting this mode , All coins selected for claiming who are availables on ExpressCrypto will be sent on the new plateform.

- LSK, WAVES (Availables on Expresscrypto) Added

- XRP Update : Now XRP can be send directly in your Account


0.7 - 26th August 2019

- FaucetHub Mode Update : For Now, When our FaucetHub Balance is empty , your coins will be automatically send to your balance when "FaucetHub mode" is active

- Website Optimized for best performance

- KMD, XRP & NEM added !

0.6 - 15th August 2019

- NANO & SMART altcoins Listed ! each claim will be send in your balance & you ll be able to withdraw when the minimum is reach (note : You can claim these new altcoins if you choose "FaucetHub Mode" too , just it will be added in your balance , not send on FaucetHub)

- Captcha Bugs & Errors Fixed on the Login & Registration Page

0.5 - 7th August 2019

- Balance Added : Due to FaucetHub Api Update,Now the Autofaucet have balance who permits to stock your crypto on the website & then withdraw manually to FaucetHub.

- Balance Mode Added : Now you can choose to claim with "Balance Mode", It will add directly all coins in your balance with a bonus of 50%.

- FaucetHub Mode Added : Now you can choose to claim with "FaucetHub Mode", It will send directly all coins in your FaucetHub Account.

- Front-End Improvements

0.4 - 27th July 2019

- Smartlinks System Added : Smartlinks are Certified Simpler Shortlinks who can be solve really faster, for now each Smartlinks done gives you 25 DUTCHY & 25XP!

- Displaying Bugs Fixed

- Website Optimized

- Website more Secure

- TRX & HORA Tokens FaucetHub Coins Added !

0.3 - 12th July 2019

- Power Week-End Event Added : Each Week-Ends the claim reward increased by 20% for Each Coins !

- First Gif Banners Created

- Reset Password Function Added

- Minor Bugs Fixed

0.2 - 1th July 2019

- Landing Page rebranding

- Offerwalls & Jungle Survey Enabled

0.1 - 24th June 2019

- First Release!

- Multiple Coins on the same tab Function & Payout Directly on FaucetHub

- Levelling System, Boost Items & Contests

- Registration System