NEW :Final Autofaucet 1.5 ( 40 Coins on 1 Tab !) TheoremReach Added on Final Autofaucet                                       IMPORTANT: This website is currently under development. If you have any bugs or you meet any problems using the site then please send a PM to Dutchybeatz! Thank you for using our services!                         
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1.6.5 - 18th Febuary 2020

- Now you can choose the amount that you want withdraw! By Default, if you don't change the value, the maximum amount will be sent.

- Zcoin (XZC), Verge (XVG) & 3 Stable Coins (DAI, TUSD & USDC) Added for Deposit DUTCHY!

- Wannads Surveys Wall Added!

- Bitswall PTC Wall Added!

- AntiBot system bugs fixed

- Server more stable

1.6.4 - 9th Febuary 2020

- Ripple (XRP) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Offerwalls now appears more efficiently, loading system changed;

- AdGem Offerwall Added!

- AntiBot system improved on Shortlinks Wall & roll games

- Referrals Statistics page improved: Now you can sort by any referral data or research a specific referral.

- Manual Withdrawal fixed for BTC amount > 10000 sat

- You can now link your Potcoin (POT) blockchain address

- End of BAT Withdrawal Maintenance.

- PTC "Advertise" Page improved

1.6.3 - 3th Febuary 2020

- Litecoin (LTC) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- New Contests:

  • Weekly Shortlinks Contest : 10 First users who did the most Shorteners Tasks During the week will earn DUTCHY rewards!

  • Referrals Contest : 20 Users who have the biggest Referrals Activity will earn DUTCHY, Upto 2000000 DUTCHY price for the 1rst ranked! This Contest ends during Final Autoclaim 1rst birthday.

- Contest Page Improved.

- Asiamag Daily Achievement Added : Earn XP potions by doing AsiaMag tasks!

- Jungle Daily Achievements Updated : Maximum tasks per Day is now fixed to 5 by jungle Team, so we ajusted the number required to earn potions!

1.6.2 - 1rst Febuary 2020

- Eos (EOS) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Blackcoin (BLK) Finally not deleted & BLK Blockchain instant Withdrawal Added.

- Offerwalls rates / rewards increased:

  • MediumPath : +150%
  • Offerdaddy : +100%
  • PollFish : +100%
  • Wannads : +65%
  • TheoremReach : +25%
  • Adgate : +25%

- Chat Bug Fixed

- Coin of The Coin Roll Game Updated ! : This month you can Roll Nimiq (NIM)

1.6.1 - 26th January 2020

- Ethereum (ETH) & Stellar Lumen (XLM) Coinbase instant Withdrawal Added!

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) Blockchain instant Withdrawal Added.

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) Coinbase Withdrawal will be instant now.

- Chat rebranding, Welcome to our new Moderator: patje

1.6 - 25th January 2020

- Chainlink (LINK) Token Added! (Instant Withdraw Without fee)

- Potcoin (POT) Instant Manual / Blockchain Withdrawal Added with low fee

- Shortlinks Walls Improved: Now you can Disable / Hide Shortlinks that you don't want see on the Wall, futhermore now shortlinks are displayed in terms of the score that users give him ( not just the number of positive votes, but the ratio +/- )

- Default Captcha Selection added: By default a random captcha will appears, now you can select your favorite captcha on Account Settings page.

- Levelling System fixed for offerwalls

- Bonuses Bugs Fixed for High Level Users & Bonuses Page Front-End improved. (Now Bonuses appears until level 400!)

- Server Changed to make the site more fluid again.

- Coin Selected are now displayed on the Claim page.

- No more pop-ups on the Claim page

- You can now link your BCH blockchain address

1.5 - 20th January 2020

- Security Update: Now it's required to confirm your Addresses/ Wallets changes by mail, a confirmation mail will be sent each time.

- TheoremReach Offerwall Added !

- More Coins Availables to Deposit DUTCHY Tokens: Now you can use UpTo 34 Crypto to fill your DUTCHY balance with coinpayments. (We added ERC20 Tokens like BAT, KCS, STEEM or OKC & Blockchain coins LTC, BCH, BEAM, ETC or LSK)

- Balance Withdrawal Added for DASH & BCH

- XLM withdrawal error fixed

- IP addresses Control improved to avoid cheating

- Linked ETN Addresses who starts by 'f4VR' & GRS Adresses who starts by 'grs1' deleted : They are not compatible with our withdrawal system. Users who requested withdrawals with these address format have to set new addresses.

- "Reset 2FA" Button added (with a confirmation mail)

- Minor Bugs fixed

Thanks again to some helpful users like Titrettinbeni, osboncop40 or patje for helping new users or reporting bugs, we added 10000 DUTCHY to their balances.

1.4.1 - 12th January 2020

- Shortlink Wall bug fixed

- Balance Withdrawal Added for DOGE,LTC & ETH

- XLM automatic withdrawal fixed

Thanks to dwanport for reporting bugs, 10000 DUTCHY added to his balance.

1.4 - 11th January 2020

- Basic Attention Token (BAT) added! (Coinbase Payment)

- Balance Withdrawal Added for BTC

- Instant Coinbase Payment Added for BTC

- XLM Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly

- Shortlinks wall bug fixed, new system added to avoid to generate too many links, now one link is created per 24h

- Offerwalls & Exchanges History Added : Now you can check your last 30 Exchanges or Offerwalls Tasks.

- Chat improved : New user Level, Username & Profile Picture displayed on chat.

- Some Front-End Changes

- XRP tag is now required to withdrawing on your blockchain address

1.3 - 04th January 2020

- Horizen (ZEN) added! (Instant Direct Payment)

- Blockchain Withdrawal Informations Added : Now you can see The Network Fee & Different Withdrawal Parameters like Processing Time

- Instant Blockchain Payment Added for ZEC & XMR

- ETH, TRX, LSK, ETC, BNB, XRP & NEO Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly

- Withdraw Button now responsive, change depends of Withdrawal Mode Chosen

- Minimum coins selection increased to 5 for new Users who have a Level between 1 and 5

- Surfads Advertising CPM decreased from 0.7$ to 0.55$

- Reward / Rates Increased (+15%)

- Some Front-End Changes

- Some Shortlinks Added

1.2.1 - 31th December 2019

- Balance Displaying improved : Now you can see Blockchain Balances Status & Coins datas are displayed correctly

- DOGE & RDD Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly via Bittrex

- Account Settings page added with Password Change & 2FA optionnal activation, can be useful to make your account more secure.

- DUTCHY DICE Game added (Beta version)

- Flexible Minimum Deposit added : It Depends of the coins that you choose to deposit ,DUTCHY mininum Deposit turn from 100000 DUTCHY to 7500 DUTCHY now with Dogecoin.

- Some Shortlinks Added

1.2 - 28th December 2019

- QTUM added (Withdraw to or Instant Direct Payment)

- DGB & DASH Blockchain Withdrawals are now sent instantly via CoinPayments

- Deposit via coinpayments Added : Now you can deposit 17 coins availables on Final Autoclaim or deposit DUTCHY with the coin of your choice!

- Deposit History Added on Balance Page

- Coins & Mode Selection deleted from the Claim Page, to makes the site more fluid :)

- Coin Selection Unlocking Added : From Now you will unlock 1 coin per level (example: If you are level 7, you can select upto 7 coins, reach level 40 to claim 40 coins in the same time)

- Kswallet Boost Added

- Exchange page added

- Profile Picture Upload Improved : Now you can upload JPEG / JPG format

- Profile Picture displayed on Top 10 Users on Contests page

- Hcaptcha Disabled : So hard to pass, Captcha Bug on Roll Page fixed

- Adgate Offerwall Disabled : Server response doesn't work properly

- Pages Front-End a little changed

- Dashboard Page fixed for mobile

- Back-End Improvements

1.1 - 9th December 2019

- Binance Coin (BNB) & Electroneum (ETN) Added ! (ETN Blockchain Withdrawals are sent instantly via CoinPayments)

- FaucetHub Mode, FaucetHub Withdrawal & HORA, BTX & XPM Deleted

- Direct Blockchain Payment Added for BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH & DGB

- KsWallet mode added for BTC, EOS & ETC

- AdWorkMedia & MediumPath Offerwalls Added

- Superrewards Oferwalls Deleted (Closed)

- Coin Roll Game Added : Each month you will be able to roll a different Coin available on the site, this month it's Tron (TRX)!

- Jungle Reward system changed for a more flexible one

- Claiming Mode Selection changed for radio buttons

- Exchange Bug Fixed

- Reward Amount Display during claiming Fixed

- Offerwall Page Front-End Bug for mobile fixed

- Back-End Improvements

1.0.9 - 28th November 2019

- Ravencoin (RVN) Added ! (RVN Blockchain Withdrawals are sent instantly via CoinPayments)

- Bitcoin Direct Payment Added, Bitcoin FaucetHub Manual Withdrawal Deleted

- Profile Picture Added

- Smartlink Achievement Added

- More User Statistics Added (Smartlinks, Offerwalls, Surfads views Done)

- XRP & ADA address linking Fixed

- Banners Updated

- Anti-Bot Captcha Improved

1.0.8 - 18th November 2019

- Iota (MIOTA) & Tezos (XTZ) Added !

- NSFW Warning Added on Shortlinks Wall

- ExpressCrypto API Error Displaying reviewed

- Fix of DUTCHY Counter who decreased after refresh if BTC was selected

- Footer Rebranding

- Code Optimizations

- Banners Rotations on claiming page

1.0.7 - 9th November 2019

- Cardano (ADA) & Nimiq (NIM) Added !

- Discord Channel Created : Join here! There will have DOGE rains on the discord

- Facebook Social Achievement Added

- Minimum Withdraw decreased for exclusive Expresscrypto coins

- Server Bug fixed

- Anti-Bot Captcha Added in Dashboard

1.0.6 - 2nd November 2019

- Stellar-Lumen, Ubiq & Groestlcoin (XLM, UBQ & GRS) Added !

- Instant Withdraw via Coinpayments Added : It concerns Bytecoin(BCN), Stratis(STRAT), Groestlcoin (GRS) & Ubiq (UBQ)

- Rotate4all Rotator Added in ViewAds Section

- Reset Password Fixed

- Negative DUTCHY tokens value fixed: Now you will be redirected in "insufficient balance" page when counter reach exactly 0.

1.0.5 - 28th October 2019

- Express-Gold & Siver Coins (EXG & EXS) Added : That's 2 exclusive ExpressCrypto Stablecoins !

- Reddcoin (RDD) Added : ReddCoin is a Social Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency !

- New Wall Added :CPA Lead

- ViewAds PTC Added :That's a Beta version, it will be improved soon

- Chat Improvement: Now chat will be used for Supporting Users, Admin & Two Moderators will ask to your question & help if needed :).

- Wheel Of Fortune Deleted: Due to too many cheaters who abuse of that.

- Code Optimization

1.0.4 - 13th October 2019

- Asia Mag Added : That's a new Method to Earn DUTCHY tokens , by doing this task you will earn 170 DUTCHY !

- New Wall Added :AdGate Media

- Long-Term Achievements Added : Permits to reward users who uses the site for long time :)

- FAQ created

- Terms created

- Landing Pages (Login & SignUp Pages) Rebranding

- Withdraw Page Improved & Bug Fixed

- Website code optimization for a best page load speed.

1.0.3 - 6th October 2019

- Exchange Added : Now You can Buy or Sell Any Coins Availables ! You can directly Sell your DUTCHY tokens for BTC or Other Coins & use this site as a regular Faucet. Check on Balance Page

- Balance Status Added for & Platform. Check on Balance Page

- Twitter Achievement Added : Earn Potions By Following our Twitter. Check on Achievements Page

- Levelling System Bug Fixed

Thanks to Our Superb Bug Reporters & Idea Spreaders !!

1.0.2 - 30th September 2019

- Gift Codes system Added

- "Cheating Detected" Bug Fixed

- Offerwalls Bugs Fixed & New Wall Added : Kiwi Wall

- Roll Waiting Time changed from 2 Hours to 30 minutes !

- 500 Free Claims Added after Account Creation

- Login & SignUp Pages Little Rebranding - Captchas Selector Added

Thanks to Our Superb Bug Reporters & Idea Spreaders !!

1.0.1 - 26th September 2019

- New Items Added : XP & Shortlink Potions

- Smartlinks Bug Fixed & reward turned from 25 to 45 DUTCHY !

- Claiming Rates Increased by 50% !

- BCH Added via Mode

- Bugs fixed on Shortlinks Walls, Average DUTCHY per shortlinks done increased to ~ 100

- Ads optimized, Coinverti pop deleted

- Front-End Optimization for mobiles

1.0 - 21th September 2019

- Shortlinks Wall Added ! : Now you will be able to choose the shortlinks that you want use.

- Voting System in Shortlink Wall : You can now vote if you judge that a shortener is good or bad , the shortlink wall displays top rated first.

- DUTCHY Tokens Reward increased from 50 to 100 DUTCHY for each Shortlinks Tasks !

- XP increased from 50 to 100 XP for each Shortlinks Tasks !

- XP maximum Reward for each Jungle Surveys Done turns from 200 to 400 XP

- Roll Reward Doubled !

0.9 - 10th Septemberr 2019

- EOS & ETC Altcoins Added ! (Balance Only)

- WAVES Added ! (Available on

- Bonuses Added for "Expresscrypto Mode" : +10 % for each claims

0.8 - 29th August 2019

- Mode Added, A third mode Available ! : By Selecting this mode , All coins selected for claiming who are availables on ExpressCrypto will be sent on the new plateform.

- LSK, WAVES (Availables on Expresscrypto) Added

- XRP Update : Now XRP can be send directly in your Account


0.7 - 26th August 2019

- FaucetHub Mode Update : For Now, When our FaucetHub Balance is empty , your coins will be automatically send to your balance when "FaucetHub mode" is active

- Website Optimized for best performance

- KMD, XRP & NEM added !

0.6 - 15th August 2019

- NANO & SMART altcoins Listed ! each claim will be send in your balance & you ll be able to withdraw when the minimum is reach (note : You can claim these new altcoins if you choose "FaucetHub Mode" too , just it will be added in your balance , not send on FaucetHub)

- Captcha Bugs & Errors Fixed on the Login & Registration Page

0.5 - 7th August 2019

- Balance Added : Due to FaucetHub Api Update,Now the Autofaucet have balance who permits to stock your crypto on the website & then withdraw manually to FaucetHub.

- Balance Mode Added : Now you can choose to claim with "Balance Mode", It will add directly all coins in your balance with a bonus of 50%.

- FaucetHub Mode Added : Now you can choose to claim with "FaucetHub Mode", It will send directly all coins in your FaucetHub Account.

- Front-End Improvements

0.4 - 27th July 2019

- Smartlinks System Added : Smartlinks are Certified Simpler Shortlinks who can be solve really faster, for now each Smartlinks done gives you 25 DUTCHY & 25XP!

- Displaying Bugs Fixed

- Website Optimized

- Website more Secure

- TRX & HORA Tokens FaucetHub Coins Added !

0.3 - 12th July 2019

- Power Week-End Event Added : Each Week-Ends the claim reward increased by 20% for Each Coins !

- First Gif Banners Created

- Reset Password Function Added

- Minor Bugs Fixed

0.2 - 1th July 2019

- Landing Page rebranding

- Offerwalls & Jungle Survey Enabled

0.1 - 24th June 2019

- First Release!

- Multiple Coins on the same tab Function & Payout Directly on FaucetHub

- Levelling System, Boost Items & Contests

- Registration System