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Meet our ways of earning

Offerwalls & Surveys

A great way to earn a lot of coins by playing games, answering some questions or registering on applications. Try Premium Surveys like CPX research and Pollfish

Roll Games

This is one of simplest ways to earn, you just need to click a button to get the reward, you can claims on the two roll games onece each 30 minutes.

PTC Wall

Earny simply by watching some advertised websites.


Earn passively by locking your coins during 12 hours.

Multiple Payment Methods

Withdraw your earnings straight to your wallet. We pay directly via the blockchain.
Futhermore, we support Coinbase and Faucetpay payments with absolutely 0 withdrawal fee.

Bonuses and Contests

We provide three different bonuses to boost your earning: reaching new levels, playing each day or holding Space Token will make you eligible to get these bonuses. Challenge other users with our daily, weekly and monthly contests.


About Final Autoclaim

Final Autoclaim allows you to claim many different types of cryptocurrencies in a single tab! You just have to register, enter your crypto addresses and choose the cryptocurrencies you want to claim!

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Coins Available

New cryptocurrencies are added every month.