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  • What is Final Autofaucet ?

    Final Autofaucet is a Enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available in mobile & desktop that allows users to earn Crypto by playing games, completing surveys, offers & shortlinks tasks.

  • How it's works ?

    Final Autofaucet works like many autofaucets, it allow you to get automatically paid, the difference between this autoclaims & others is that permits you to claim up to 28 cryptocurrencies automatically in the same page & permits you to choose where you want receive your coins. More Information by checking "PAYMENT" FAQ section.

  • How can i start using this site ?

    After Registering & Validating your Account, you will just have to set your addresses by clicking on the "SET YOUR ADDRESSES" button, then go to the dashboard page , select coins that you want, choose your favorite payment method & finally click on "START AUTOFAUCET" button.

  • What is DUTCHY token ?

    DUTCHY Token is what you earn by doing tasks, surveys or playing games (There is a Free Roll each 30 minutes), then he is used for run the autofaucet, you can see DUTCHY as the time available for claiming.Example: a 4 minute claim cost 4 DUTCHY , so if you select 6 coins (Except Btc) , it will cost 4x6 so 24 DUTCHY per refresh.

  • How can i earn DUTCHY token ?

    You will receive DUTCHY Token by :

    • - Doing Shortlinks Tasks :
      This site have a Enhanced Shortlinks Wall that permits to users voting for these favorite shorteners, this system permits to have best shortlinks access directly !

    • - Playing Gambling games :
      Roll each 30 minutes (100% chance of win) , Wheel of Fortune or Flip Game.

    • - Doing Offers & Surveys tasks :
      We works with many Surveys & Offers Service who ll permits to earn More with just one tasks done.

    • - Levelling Up :
      Each users can increase this level by doing tasks, he will receive automatically DUTCHY after each important levels reach (Example : Level 5,10,15,20 will gives you DUTCHY)

    • - Winning Contest:
      There is A Daily & A Weekly Contest, each will reward the 10 most actives Users , during a 24h timeframe for the Daily Contest (reseted at midnight server time) , 7 days timeframe for the Weekly Contest (reseted each Monday midnight server time). Contests are based to the XP earned by users.

    • - Inviting your Friends:
      Each Users that you refer will gives you 20% of DUTCHY amount that he earn.

  • Can i Withdraw DUTCHY token ?

    Yes! By going to the Balance Page & Clicking on EXCHANGE, on this page you will be abled to sell your DUTCHY for any cryptocurrencies Availables in the Site. This system permits you to earn DUTCHY, then exchange for coins & finally withdraw directly , like a classic (Non-Auto) Faucet !

  • How can i receive my coins automatically ?

    This site Provides 3 differents payment Methods (or Modes):

    • - FaucetHub.io Mode :
      By Choosing the FaucetHub Mode as Payment Method , you will receive all payments on your FaucetHub Account for all coins available in the FaucetHub Platform. Other Coins who aren't on FaucetHub will be send directly in your wallet.

    • - ExpressCrypto.io Mode :
      By Choosing the ExpressCrypto Mode as Payment Method , you will receive payments on your Expresscrypto.io Account for all coins available in the ExpressCrypto platform. Other Coins who aren't on Expresscrypto will be send in your wallet.

    • - Balance Mode :
      By Choosing the Balance Mode as Payment Method , you will receive all payments on your internal Autofaucet balance, then you will be able to withdrawing manually by clicking "BALANCE" button.

  • Can i Quit the page & get autoclaim running ?

    No, Claim Page have to be opened to get autoclaim process running.

  • Have I to stay on the claim page to get autoclaim running ?

    No , don't need to stay , so you can do your stuffs & keep the page in the background, payment will be send in any case.

  • How can i receive my coins availables in my balance ?

    Each coins have differents withdraw methods availables , FaucetHub & Expresscrypto Methods are instantly, so by choosing these methods that will send your coins directly on the platforms if our balances are filled (you can see the Balance status of each coins before withdrawing).

    By Clicking on Withdraw Button with "Blockchain" Selected, Your payment will be marked as "Pending" (Seeing "Withdraw History" Section) & you will receive after 1 week maximum. Before withdrawing, You have to set all your blockchain addresses (+ Message/ Tag for some Coins) that you want Withdraw for each Coins. Set your Wallet Addresses here

  • How Achievements Works ?

    This Websites provides daily achievements, each daily achievements can be reached each days , there are reseted at midnight server time.

    There is too long-term achievements, who can requiring more tasks but haves better rewards.

  • What Boost doing ?

    A Boost permits to you earn more during claiming for a determined timeframe (can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour).

  • How can i earn Boost ?

    Actually You can win boosts by doing shortlink tasks or referring your friends.

  • What Potion Doing ?

    A Potion permits to you earn XP or DUTCHY more during tasks making.

  • How can i earn Potions ?

    Actually You can win potions by doing jungle surveys tasks & by reaching long-term achievements .