• What is Final Autofaucet ?

    Final Autofaucet is an Enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available for mobile & desktop that allows users to earn Crypto by playing games, completing surveys and offers, watching videos, visiting websites, or doing shorteners tasks.

  • How does it work ?

    Final Autofaucet works like many autofaucets, it allows you to get automatically paid, the difference between this autoclaims & others is that our faucet permits you to claim up to 81 cryptocurrencies automatically in the same page & permits you to choose where you want to receive your coins. You can get more details by checking "PAYMENT" FAQ section.

  • Is Final Autofaucet Legitimate ?

    Final Autofaucet is a completely legitimate website, paying more than hundreds of dollars to users every day. You can check out our payment proof on TrustPilot or FoxyRating.

  • How can I start using this site ?

    After Registering & Validating your Account, you will just have to set your addresses by clicking on the "SET YOUR ADDRESSES" button, then go to the dashboard page, select the coins that you want, choose your favorite payment method & finally click on "START AUTOFAUCET" button.

  • What is DUTCHY token ?

    DUTCHY Token is what you earn by doing tasks, surveys or playing games (There is a Free Roll every 30 minutes), then he is used to running the autofaucet, you can see DUTCHY as the time available for claiming. Example: a 4 minutes claim cost 4 DUTCHY, so if you select 6 coins (Except Btc), it will cost 4x6 so 24 DUTCHY per refresh.

    DUTCHY tokens can be converted to any cryptocurrency available on the website, or used for PTC or Banners advertising campaigns.

  • How can I earn DUTCHY token ?

    You will receive DUTCHY Token by :

    • - Doing Offers & Surveys tasks :
      We work with many Surveys & Offers Services who will permit you to earn more with just one task done. This includes many different ways to earn DUTCHY, including Installing / Testing Mobile Apps, Watching Videos, Playing Mobile Games, or Registering on websites.

    • - Visiting Websites :
      The PTC (Pay-To-Click) Wall permits you to earn by visiting the advertiser's websites during a defined timeframe (from 10 seconds to 40 seconds)

    • - Doing Shortlinks Tasks :
      This site has an Enhanced Shortlinks Wall that permits users to vote for their favorite shorteners, this system allows users to access directly the best shortlinks! Click Here to learn about shortlinks and features available on the shortlinks wall.

    • - Playing Reward games :
      Roll each 30 minutes (100% chance of win).

    • - Playing HTML5 games :
      Earn DUTCHY and have fun by playing in-browser games, there are 19 game categories, and over 25,000 games available!

    • - Levelling Up :
      User can increase his or her level by doing tasks, he will receive automatically DUTCHY after each important level is reached (Example : Level 5,10,15,20 will give you DUTCHY)

    • - Winning Contest:
      There is A Daily & A Weekly Contest, each will reward the 10 most actives Users, during a 24h timeframe for the Daily Contest (reset at midnight server time), 7 days timeframe for the Weekly Contest (reset each Monday midnight server time). Contests are based on the XP earned by users.

    • - Inviting your Friends:
      Users that you refer will give you up to 40% of DUTCHY amount that they earn, depending on your membership and on the tasks done.

    • Many other ways to earn DUTCHY are available, Follow our Introduction Guide to get an overview.

  • Can I Withdraw DUTCHY token ?

    Yes! By going to the Balance Page & Clicking on EXCHANGE, on this page you will be able to exchange your DUTCHY for any cryptocurrency available on the Site. This system permits you to earn DUTCHY, you can exchange DUTCHY for other coins & finally you can withdraw directly, like a classic (Non-Auto) Faucet !

  • How can I receive my coins automatically ?

    This site Provides 2 different autoclaim payment modes:

    • - Balance Mode (Refresh):
      By Choosing the Balance "Refresh" Mode as autoclaim payment mode, the page will automatically refresh and you will receive all payments on your internal Autofaucet balance, then you will be able to withdraw manually by clicking "your wallet" link.

    • - Balance Mode (In-Page):
      If you choose the Balance "In-Page" Mode as autoclaim payment mode, the page will not refresh, a Javascript code will be executed to proceed all payments on your internal Autofaucet balance, then you will be able to withdrawing manually.
      Note: This mode can be unstable if you do not keep the browser tab focused.

  • Can I Quit the page & get autoclaim running ?

    No, Claim Page has to be opened to get autoclaim process running.

  • How to start the autoclaiming system ?

    Click to open our Guide and learn how to launch the autoclaiming system.

  • Have I to stay on the claim page to get autoclaim running ?

    No, you don't need to stay, so you can complete your tasks & keep the page in the background, payment will be sent in any case.

  • How can I receive my coins available in my balance ?

    Each coin has different withdrawal methods available; FaucetPay Withdrawal is instant, so by choosing these methods it will send your coins directly on the platform if our balances are filled (you can see the Balance status of each coin before withdrawing).

    By Clicking on Withdraw Button with "Blockchain" Selected, you will receive your funds after blockchain required confirmations (it can take from 1 to 60 minutes). Before withdrawing, You have to set all your blockchain addresses (+ Message/ Tag for some Coins if needed) that you want to withdraw for each coin. Set your Wallet Addresses here

  • What is the minimum withdrawal value?

    Minimum Withdrawal value for withdrawals to FaucetPay is fixed to $0.05, Minimum required to withdraw with blockchain (direct payments) fully depends of the coin, it is usually between $0.05 and $5.

  • How do Achievements Works ?

    This Website provides daily achievements, each daily achievement can be reached each day, and there are reset at midnight server time.

    There are also long-term achievements, which require more tasks but give better rewards.

  • What does Boost do ?

    A Boost permits to you earn more during autoclaiming for a determined timeframe (it can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour).

  • How can I earn Boost ?

    You can win boosts by doing shortlink tasks or referring your friends.

    Note: Boosts are cleared at midnight Server Time, you need to start using your boost at 11 PM (server time) to fully enjoy the reward bonus.

  • How do Potions work ?

    A Potion permits to you earn more XP or DUTCHY after completing tasks.

    Note: If you have at least 1 potion, this one will be used automatically after the task, you don't have to do anything more to use your potions.

  • How can I earn Potions ?

    You can win potions by doing offers and survey tasks & by reaching long-term achievements.

    Note: Your potions are stocked on our database, they will not disappear with time if you don't use them.

  • Where can I find Gift Codes ?

    We regularly post Gift Codes on our social networks, be sure to follow all our pages to get updated when there are new codes, as the number of Gift Codes is limited.

  • How can I redeem a Gift Code ?

    You can redeem the Gift Code you have received by clicking the icon in the Navbar..

  • How can I receive Rains ?

    To receive coin rains you need to be active. To be considered Active you have to do at least one of these tasks during the last hour:
    Shortlink, Offerwall/Surveys, PTC Wall, Surfads, Roll Games, DUTCHY Exchange, Autoclaiming or Achievement Claim.

  • How does Rainbot work ?

    The Rain Bot sends automatically cryptocurrencies each hour to 40 active users chosen randomly.

  • How can I Rain ?

    You can rain other users with cryptocurrencies from your balance by using the command /rain COIN sat_amount (example /rain BTC 1000 -> It will distribute your 1000 satoshi to 40 random active users)

    You can see Mininum Amounts to rain for each coin here!

  • Can I create more than one account ?

    No, multiple accounts are strictly forbidden.

  • Can my family member use the website with his or her account on the same Network as mine ?

    Yes but you need to be sure that you and your family member use a different IP address. Two accounts can't be used on the same device.